Pica Pica Gourmet

33.00  VAT included

20 diners minimum


Our menus are made with native products, proximity and processing craft.

  1. Casserole of fideuà with citrus mayonnaise
  2. Crispy prawns with banana ketchup
  3. Oxtail croquettes
  4. Mini Iberian pork burguers with tartar sauce and arugula
  5. Tandoori chicken skewers with Japanese onion
  6. Smoked salmon sandwich, salad sprouts and
    horseradish rabano salsa
  7. Nuestra brocheta capresse with red pesto
  8. Smoked montadito with tomato and olive oil
  9. Sweet potato parmentier with smoked octopus and olive oil
    the true
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