Finger food núm 4

33.00  VAT included


8 references + 2 desserts + beverage

  1. Vegetables with green tahi curry
  2. Bluefin tuna tataki with yellow chili sauce
    Colorful trio with crudités and mini pita:
  3. Traditional hummus
  4. Babaganoush
  5. Tzalzikis with fennel
  6. Mini burguer of ternera 100 % with pickled onion, Mahón cheese and BBQ sauce
  7. Artisan Iberian ham croquettes
  8. Brocheta capresse MON EBRE


  1. Sponge cake with cream and fresh fruits
  2. Trufas black & white

The price includes coffee break:
One compostable material use

* suppl service with dishes. 2 € per diner

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