Finger food núm 3

27.50  VAT included


5 references + 1 thematic blackboard + petit fours + beverage

  1. Fussilli with red pesto (rice option, quinoa or other pasta with sauteed vegetables)
  2. Sticks of brie cheese and red berries
  3. Oxtail croquettes
  4. Smoked montadito with tomato brunoisse and extra virgin olive oil
  5. Fajita de falafel, red cabbage and yogurt sauce with mint
  6. Assorted Sushi Boards: Makis, niguiris, uromakis and futomakis


  1. Variado petit fours (mini coquitos, black and white truffles, mini caramelised French toast)

The price includes coffee break:
One compostable material use

* suppl service with dishes. 2 € per diner

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